Happy Birthday to Me!

Saturday was my 28th birthday!!  I had a really nice day just hanging out with Joe and the boys.  Friday,  Joe and I went out to a great restaurant and a movie which was really fun.  Joe was supposed to be out of town all weekend, but he surprised me by not going and staying here with us, so I guess that was the best present of all, not being all by myself on my birthday and Valentines Day!  
Thanks Joe, I love you!
Carter really wanted to go and get me a present.  He decided he wanted to get me a new ring, so Joe took he and Aidan shopping and they got me rings that are super cute!  
Thanks boys, you are so sweet!
So, I have to say that over all my birthday/Valentines Day was great!  I got to spend a nice night out with my sweetheart, and a fun day with my family and got some great presents!
Thanks to my guys for a wonderful birthday!  
I love you so much!


"But she is not on my list!"

This past weekend I went out of town and went to my mom's house on a spur of the moment decision to help her with John's reception, but I had to find a babysitter for Friday because I was going to be gone then and Joe has to work.  So I got my friend, Stacie, to watch them.  Stacie really hasn't baby sat for us before, but her sister has for the past couple of years and she has been around when her sister's watched them.  

When Joe was leaving in the morning Carter was not happy that Stacie was going to be watching him and told Joe that, "she was not on his list of favorite babysitters!"

Joe asked who is on your list?  And this was what he said,

1. Tiffany
2. Ashley
3. Daddy (Yeah, Dad is considered a babysitter :) )

Then he asked Joe, "actually, who was the girl that took us to the fire station?"

Joe said, "Taylor."

Carter said, "actually she is number 3."

I guess Dad got bumped to #4!

Joe called and told me this and I thought it was hilarious!!!  Carter cracks me up!  
By the way, Stacie was great and she has now been added to his list!  
Thanks Stacie!