Memorial Day

The weather was so icky on Memorial Day, so we thought that going bowling and to a movie would be a nice "day of remembrance". We took the kids bowling for the second time and they had a good time. Carter is highly competitive and so we just told him that he won even though he didn't.


When we got back from vacation we came home to a wonderful surprise... our backyard was finally done!!! So, now that we have a yard I have had an itch to do some gardening. Although, I really know nothing about it. Aidan thought he would help me out. He was so cute bringing me all the flowers and pouring water on them. My new pots look great and it adds some much needed color to my front yard.

The Spring Performance

When we were gone on vacation Carter missed his classes Spring Performance and so his teachers said they would do it again for us when we got back; they are the best! They sang a bunch of songs and even danced to a few. Carter was a bit distracted through out it, but none the less, it was still great and the kids were so cute!

Aidan, although, was not a big fan. He kept saying, "too loud, too loud!"


Grand Cayman Vacation

    Swimming with the sting rays at Sting Ray City

We just got back from the caymans and had a fantastic time.  We went with the boys and Joe's brother John, his wife Courtney, and daughter, Bella.  Everything was great from the weather, to the place we stayed, to the beaches and pools, and of course, the TAN!

Carter loved everything about the island and he keeps asking if we can live there.  Carter was swimming all around, jumping off the sides of the pool, and grabbing turtles left and right at the Turtle Farm.  Aidan on the other hand made us hold him where ever we went and didn't like the sand too much.  He would start getting comfortable somewhere right when we were ready to leave.

We did some amazing things, like swimming, feeding and holding the sting rays at Sting Ray City.  That was probably the best part and most nerve racking.  Joe and John went on four scuba dives and just loved it.  They some some great wild life: a barracuda, a huge turtle, and a SHARK!!!  We went to the Turtle Farm and Carter was just picking up turtles left and right; he had a great time.  We went "spelunking" in Pirate Caves, and "rock climbed" out to a blow hole.  We also went snorkeling, which Courtney and I thoroughly enjoyed (not really).  We did some cool stuff, like an eel, a huge lobster, and cool fish.

                                                 Bodden Town at the blow hole.
                             Our last night on the island at a restaurant on the water.
                                                          Carter at the pool.
                                                  Aidan on the shark at the pool.