Ahhh, a robe...

When little people wear big people things it just cracks me up!  

Carter has been bugging me for a robe for a while now (I am not really sure why) and the other day I was at Target and found these for 75% off, and thought what the heck!  One is Iron Man and the other is Batman, so I thought it was perfect and, man, was I right.  They love them and want to be in them all the time.
Can someone get me my brandy and smoking pipe?

Aidan loves to sport any random hat he finds.
This kid always makes me laugh.

Adventures in Potty Training

Last week I thought it was time to start potty training Aidan.  And that is about as far as we got.  I have this idea of a few months with out diapers and how nice that would be, but I think that is wishful thinking.  
  I took Aidan to the store to pick out what ever underwear he wanted and I would buy it.  He found some that he wanted and was excited to wear them.  We got home and got him into them.  That night he even went pee on the toilet!  We cheered and jumped for joy; although Aidan just looked at us like we were crazy.  The next day I tried again.  He had a couple accidents and then I forced him to go on the potty.  He told me he would, but Carter and I could not watch him and we could not cheer!  This kid is such a nut.  So, we left the room and he went and then told me he was done and I went in and said "yeah Aid.." and then he said, "no cheering!"  After two days he said he was done and wants to be a baby again and wear diapers.  So, that is about as far as we got with the whole potty training thing.  He keeps saying that he will go tomorrow.  
Carter was potty trained in a day and all was good.  And, I was hoping Aidan would be as easy, but I should have known better!!!

Any tips anyone???  Let me know!

Sorry, pictures are PG-13
What a dork!


But, 4 is my favorite number!

Right before Thanksgiving we thought it was time to tell the boys that I was pregnant and that they were going to have a baby brother or sister. We told them and explained a few things and all was well, but the conversation quickly turned into something I was not prepared for. Carter was pissed off! He told me that he did not want 5 people in the family and I asked him why and he said that 4 was his favorite number, not five! He told me that he did not want my belly to get big, which I replied with, neither do I! He said that he did not want another brother! He kept asking why we made this decision, and that he wanted to make these decisions. I told him that some decisions are made by mom and dad and not kids, but he still did not like that answer. He was crying and really upset at Joe and I. I told him that he needed to go to bed and that we would discuss this later. I went back into his room a few minutes later and found him sitting on the edge of the bed with his arms folded, pouting! I asked him if he was alright and he said, "I only want 4 people!" I shut the door, half laughing and half sad. Aidan, on the other hand was all happy for a baby. He said that he will hold it.

Carter is all good now! He has never mentioned being upset about the whole thing. He is now excited especially because it is a baby sister and not a baby brother. He told me yesterday that, "he makes babies happy sometimes." Which I thought was funny and true to his self centered style.

Really, how can you argue with wanting 4, not 5???


Baby #3!!!

Yes, I am pregnant! I know that many of you already know and I would have posted this sooner, but I have not had the Internet. So, I am due the first of June. And we just found out on December 29th that we are having a GIRL! We are all very excited, especially Carter because he said that he did not want another brother. I am 19 weeks along and feeling good. So anyone that wants to send presents in any shade of pink is welcome:)! It is so fun to look at girls clothes, it's nuts!!
Baby girl is waving Hi to you all, or Joe likes to think she is flashing "West Side!" How cute is she already? O.K., she is probably not that cute right now, I am sure she looks like a mutant still, but one can imagine how cute she will be.
Look, no penis! I am so used to penises in my house.:) Yeah for a vagina!!!

No Internet, what ever will I do??

O.K. I have not had the Internet at my house since before Thanksgiving. I know what everyone is thinking. How did you go that long without the internet? And, I am really not sure?! Today we finally had someone fix it and now I am connected with the outside world again! I think Carter was the happiest because now he can play games on the computer again (what a little nerd!).

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning Carter woke up at the early hour of 8 am. Yeah, I know that is not super early, but in our house that is early! We had to wake Aidan up other wise he would have slept tell noon. Carter was beyond excited and was ripping through his presents. Aidan was bugging Carter because he was taking a long time to get through his gifts. All and all it was a great holiday!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was so nice and quite. It was the first time that we have done Christmas by our self and on our own, and I have to say I really enjoyed it. It was really relaxing. The boys got to open one present which was new p.j.'s. That is a Brown tradition. They were so excited to go to bed and wait for Santa to bring them presents. We even sprinkled "Reindeer Food" on the front lawn, because that makes Santa come right away, so the kids have to go to sleep right away! It worked like a charm! Through out the month of December Aidan kept asking, "What is taking Santa so long?" He finally came that night and they were so excited.
Here are the boys in their new p.j.'s

Here is the food for Santa, the reindeer, and Santa mouse. (Santa Mouse is a Esquibel/ Hatch tradition).

Johnny Got Married!!!

On December 6th Johnny got married!!! Yeah!!! It was a great day and a beautiful wedding, but I have no pictures of them or the wedding. How pathetic is that. Although I do have pictures of myself, my cute sister and my cute boys.
Here is Paige and I at the Timpanogos Temple after John's wedding.
Carter and Aidan were busting a move at the reception and it was so funny. As soon as the music started they started and didn't stop until it was time to go.

Carter break dancing, or at least he thinks he is. But I have to admit that we are a very "WHITE" family, so rhythm is not our strongest talent.
Aidan break dancing. What ever Carter does, so does Aidan.

Carter is an Orange Stripe!

On December 5th Carter had his Belt Promotion and is now an orange stripe. He was so excited he could not stop moving and dancing around! He loves karate and loves performing even more. It was really cute to see him so proud of himself.

Here he is at the end on the right performing some of his dangerous moves!
Sitting with the "Little Ninjas" after performing.

Thanksgiving at Sundance

For Thanksgiving we went up to Sundance and stayed at a great house with the Brown's. We had a great time with great food!! We played our annual Family Jeopardy game which someone always ends up unhappy with the outcome of the game, and it is always very funny to me!