Carter's 1st Day of First Grade!

On Thursday, August 20, Carter started his first day of first grade.  He was very excited!  It really is crazy to think that it is this time of year already!  I am also very excited for school.  He is gone from 9-3:30, that means no fighting for many hours!  I am excited with his teacher and his class.  He has Mrs. Rocha, and we hear she is great!  He has some great kids in his class and I think he will have a great year.  And Aidan is excited to be able to play with all of his toys while he is gone. 

Rockin' his G.I. Joe backpack, which is as big as he is.
Me and Carter before his first day of school.

Carter at his desk in class at his first day of school!


Aidan's First Day of Pre-School

Aidan had his first day of pre-school yesterday.  He is going to a place called Kid's Village.  It is super cute.  He was very excited and liked that he was going and not Carter.  He is going two days a week and gets to even do cooking class.  How cool is that!  
Look at this funny 3 1/2 year old!!!
All of these poses were Aidan's own doing and not mine.  It cracks me up how he thinks he modeling for Calvin Klein or something.

Me and my Aiders!
Aidan in his classroom on his first day with his apron on and everything.


Lego Dude Cake Battle

Since being obsessed with Food Network Channel, on Sunday the boys and I thought it would be fun to make and decorate a cake however they wanted.  So, of course it ended up as a Lego cake!  They put just about every Lego dude they have on the cake.  They picked the frosting colors and the cake flavors.  
We had a lot of fun!
And the finished product became one big blob of Lego decadence! 
The boys decorating the cake.
And... The aftermath.
The Lego's needed a nice bath to get cleaned up.
Oh, how yummy!  Whoops, found a Lego!

Let me dress my self!

This is what happens when you let a 3 year old dress themselves!

Aidan with shirts on bottom and shorts on top!


A Farewell to Carter and Silky

Now that Carter is 6 years old he has decided that it is time to say good-bye to his "Silky".  Other names that it is called are "Heavy Silk" (he would call it that when really little because he didn't understand the difference between big and heavy), or just "Silk".  Carter has had two Silky's, one was called "Silka One" because he got that blanket first and it was little and the other was "Heavy Silk".  About two years ago he lost "Silka One" and so all was focused on Heavy Silk which he now just refers to as Silk.  He got "Silka One" before he was even born and has used it ever since he was a few months old.  He got "Heavy silk" or "Big Silk" when he was one.  He would hold on to his Silky's and suck his thumb.  He would always use both to relax or calm himself down and go to sleep; it really was wonderful!  Silkys have lived in three houses and traveled the world.  Oh, the places they have been, they have seen everything Carter has from Sea World to the Zoo to Disneyland to Jackson Hole to Hawaii to Florida and all the way to the Caymans. 

It has only been a week with no Silk in tow, but Carter has not mentioned him.  It is just sitting up in his room.  I have to say that it makes me kind of sad to no longer see it with Carter on the couch or in the car because it really means that my little boy is growing up.  I saw this coming for a few months now because Carter has started to get embarrassed by it and did not want people to see him with it and he kept saying that when he turned six that he was going to give up silk and stop sucking his thumb.  
They have really been a great friend and we will sadly miss them.

An homage to "The Silk":
Carter and Silk sitting with Daddy and watching TV. "07
Silk in a usual place all alone just waiting for Carter to come and hold him. "07
One of the few pictures with Big Silk and Silka One at Disneyland in "07.
Carter and Aidan and Silk watching TV in Mom and Dad's room '07.
Silk out to dinner in the Cayman Islands '08.  


Chloe's Blessing

On Sunday August 2 we blessed Chloe Mae at church.  It was a really nice day!  The blessing Joe gave was beautiful.  People said that Chloe was just looking up and smiling at Joe during the entire blessing.  We had so many friends and family there to support us and we are very grateful for that.  Chloe looked very angelic in her blessing dress.  I felt very blessed that day to have such a sweet baby girl in our family and for my boys as well.

Blessing Day with Grammie's and Papa's

We are so grateful that both Grandparents were able to come up for Chloe's blessing.  It was such a great day!

Chloe with Grammie Liz and Papa Mark
Chloe with Grammie Karen and Papa Cecil and cousin Melissa.