Breakfast with Kung Fu

Aidan loves his panda, who's name is "Kung fu Panda".  He takes him everywhere and he even sleeps on him like a pillow.  This morning he said that he wanted to make Kung Fu breakfast.  He said that he made him jelly fish, peanut butter and jelly round-up, chips, and fruit snacks.  It was really cute to see him sitting there and Kung fu in the other chair.  Aidan says that Kung Fu is his best friend!  
How great is this kid?!!!

My Little Baker

A couple of weeks ago I decided to make chocolate muffins after church and Aidan wanted to help.  Aidan loves to help with whatever I am doing from laundry to cleaning to cooking.  But his help this day mostly consisted of muffin batter eater.  He was lovin' it!

Aidan's 3rd Birthday on March 2nd

We celebrated Aidan's birthday with just us and it was really nice.  We went to Disneyland the weekend before so we figured that was a pretty good party for your 3rd birthday.  Aidan decided he wanted to go to Tucanos for his birthday dinner, and he didn't eat anything!  Carter was the one that really wanted to go there and he convinced Aidan that there is where we should go.
The Cake that Aidan and Carter decorated  - so beautiful!
Playing with the new birthday presents.
Aidan was so excited about the big present!
Carter, of course, has to help out.


Burn Victim

The night we got back from our trip to L.A. our house was super cold because we had turned the heat off while we were gone.  So Joe decided to turn on the fire place because it heats up the house quicker than the heater.  Sometime while we were unloading the car and getting everything unpacked Aidan touched the fireplace glass and burned his hand.  The sad part about this story is that he hid and was really quiet and was holing his hand.  He wouldn't tell us what happened because he thought he would get in trouble.  I felt so bad!  Our kids are so scared of us that they won't even tell us when they are hurt... I don't think that is a good thing.  He wasn't really crying about it, he just wouldn't let us look at it.  A total of 8 Batman band aids really helped!!  The burn was not really bad at all, he even took the band aids off in the morning.  He now asks me everyday if the fireplace is on.  I still feel bad for my little guy. :( 


At the happiest place on earth!

Of course you have to take a family picture at Disneyland!
As we were leaving Disneyland around 11 pm, I said, let's get a picture of us before we leave.  And Joe said "Why, it's not going to be any good?!"  he can be such a downer sometimes!  But, I have to admit, it really wasn't any good, we all look a bit wiped!
Another picture of us and again not a very good one!  What is wrong with us?  And, yes, I am officially big and fat!!  I normally try and avoid all photos when I am pregnant, somehow a few got in.

Another trip to good old Disneyland!

This past weekend we went down to So Cal to see Joe's parents and to get away.  We took the boys to Disneyland on Friday and we had the best time!  Joe's parents came and joined us for a few hours and my parents were down there also.  So, the boys had Disneyland and both of their Grammies and Papas.  Does it get any better than that?  I don't think so!  Disneyland was great it wasn't too crowded and the weather couldn't have been any better!  We had the best time.  I think I love Disneyland as much if not more than my kids.  I love spending time with just Joe and the boys, we always end up having so much fun!
I was a bit worried that my boys were going to get beat up in L.A. for wearing Celtics sweatshirts.
Aidan was game for just about any ride.  Too bad he isn't tall enough for most of them.
Aidan and Daddy on the Rocket Ships!
On the Jungle Cruise, and Aidan being his normal self.
They love getting autographs!  Here they are with Jesse from Toy Story.

Future Criminals

At Disneyland my boys were trying as hard as possible to get into this house.  A few minutes after this picture was taken Aidan scaled the fence and tried getting in through the window, no joke!

What us?  We weren't doing anything!!


It's the big 03!

Happy 3rd Birthday Aidan!
To my Aiders,
You crack me up all the time.  You do the silliest stuff.  You can be so sweet and then so infuriating!  You defiantly have a mind of your own and want things done a certain way.  You are always up to go anywhere and do anything, you just want to have fun.  You want to be like your big brother and want to play with him all the time even if he doesn't want to play with you because you beat him up and always start a fight with him.  You love to rock your p.j.'s or basketball shorts under all of your clothes all the time.  You love your Kung Fu Panda and sleep on him every night.  You also love saying potty words whenever possible and you think it is hilarious!  
In spite of all of that, I am so glad that you came into our family 3 years ago.  Life definitely would not be the same without you!  I love your brute Bam Bam style and your sweet kindness at the same time.  There isn't a day that goes by that you don't make me laugh!  You are the cutest, funniest little kid that I know.  I love you to pieces!!  
I hope you have a great birthday Aider Bug!
Love, Mom