Easter Boys

I love Easter because I can dress my boys up in things they would not normally let me put them in.


The cutest room ever!

A couple of weeks ago my mom came up to help me get the room ready for the baby.  And man did we work hard!  O.K., by we, I mean my mom!  My mom painted the room and it looks great!  This room used to be blue and it was the boys play room.  It is amazing how some pink can really transform this into such a girlie space.  I am very proud of myself because we did this room on a very small budget.  I used so many things that I just happened to have and we refinished them.  It was really fun.  I love that I have some old pieces that used to be my grandparents, it gives it some special meaning.  I think my grandma would be proud at how far her little dresser has made it!  Anyways,  here are the photos of the room!
This is the dresser that we refinished and got the cutest knobs for.  Thanks Anthropology!  I have to say this turned out better than I imagined and it is my favorite piece in the room.  This dresser has seen my through my two boys and before that used to be my grandma's!  It is one old, but great dresser!
Did the art myself, painted the lamp and made the shade!
Did the art myself and painted and redid the baskets.
The curtains really make the room come together.  I was able to use rods that I had already had from before and they look perfect in the room.
My mom stripped and painted the chairs.  These are old chairs that were my grandparents and we think were my aunt Isabelle's before that.  We painted the shelves, and even painted one of the bird houses.  We got so much done that week, it was awesome!  There is still a few things that I need to do in this room, so when those are done I will post more pictures!
We are ready for you little girl!!! 


Sinning or Skiing???

This past weekend after the first session of Conference Joe took the boys skiing up at Sundance.  This was the last day to do lessons up there and Joe has been promising Carter he would take him skiing all winter.  I think guilt finally set in and he took him.  But, because Carter was going, Aidan wanted to go to!  Aidan is still a bit young for lessons, but he went up and just played in the snow.  Carter was so excited!  All was well until Aidan got a splinter in his hand, or should I say at tree branch, because that thing was huge!!  Joe had to bring him home and then go back to get Carter.  
So would you say sinners or good father/son time?
Aidan looks so ghetto because we don't really have snow clothes for him that fit.  His pants were like capris.  And his goggles kept falling down and making his eyes all droopy; he looked very "Special".  Oh well, he didn't really mind!  I could not stop laughing and Aidan kept saying, "Stop laughing at me!"
Carter and his instructor.  Watch out Bodie Miller!!!
The two guys.
Aidan said he had fun throwing snow at bugs!


Lunch of Champions!

This is what Aidan had for lunch yesterday.  A variety of 3 different chips.  Oh, don't get the wrong idea, like I don't feed my kids nutritious meals because right before this he was spooning out peanut butter and eating it (that is good protein, right?).  I just know he is going to grow big and strong if he stays on this path! :) 

He didn't want me taking pictures of this fine moment.  Trust me, I'm not sure I want this moment documented either; I think this might borderline child abuse.  Please don't call CPS!!

Nothing like some old friends

When we went down to California in February we were able to go and visit some of our favorite people, The Romeril's!  Carter was beyond excited to see his best friend Riley!  They quickly put on the basketball gear and went crazy.  It was so great so see them, they are like family and we miss them so much!
Carter and Riley
Riley, Carter, and Aidan
Carter, Riley, Makayla, and Aidan


Bunk Beds

In February I thought it was time to get Aidan out of the crib and into a big boy bed.  The boys were both so excited about the idea of bunk beds even though I was not. (I hate changing them!)  They got new sheets and were so excited.  I have to say all and all they have done great sharing a room and beds.  There have really been no problems; they have even slept better then they did before.  Carter no longer comes down to our room every night, and Aidan doesn't cry when he goes down, and he hasn't even fallen out of bed.  The only thing is that Aidan now gets up much earlier because Carter does.  Aidan used to get up around 10-11am!!  Yeah, I know, he was a crazy sleeper!  Now he gets up around 8-8:30am.  In all reality it is better because I can get more done with him up at a reasonable hour and he will take a nap. 
 I have to say this has been a success!

Carter was pumped to be on the top bunk!

Aidan's first night in his new bed!  Soooo cute!