Three weeks in

A little bit about this sweet baby at three weeks old.
She is such a great baby! My boys were good babies, but Chloe is just a delight. She is so content and sweet. She is a great sleeper and eater. She has even slept through the night three times! She loves to be held and loves to snuggle with her dada. She loves it when the boys come and talk to her. She loves her hands by her face and likes to lay flat on her back to do her business. She is the princess in the house and we are all in love with her.

Life with big brothers

Oh, what this sweet little girl has to look forward to... two crazy big brothers!
Carter just loves her! He tells me that everyday. He always says how cute she is and he loves talking to her. In his prayers he says, "thank you for Chloe, the awesomest baby in the world!" It is really cute how he is with her.
Aidan is great with her also, he is just not as interested as Carter. I am so proud of the two boys and how sweet they are with her and how great they have been with this new addition.

Coming home for the first time

We came home from the hospital on Thursday June 4th. She was not thrilled with getting dressed or being squished in her car seat.


Introducing Chloe Mae

Here is my little princess, Chloe Mae Brown.  
Born June 2, 2009
6 lbs. 14 oz.
19 in. long

She is just perfect with her button nose, rose bud lips and red hair.
Just chillin' on mom after a long day.  How sweet is she?