Thanksgiving '09

Skits and Dance Parties

You know when you were a kid and you loved putting on plays, skits, or performances for anyone that would watch?  
Well, I do... and so it begins for my kids.

Can you say gangsta'?

Fam at Thanksgiving

Grammie Liz and Chloe.
Grammie Liz reading to the kids at Paige's house.
Chloe and Quinlan.


Memorial for G & G Larsen

Chloe (5 months), me, Paige, and my mom setting up the memorial for my Grandma and Grandpa Larsen at the house that they lived in for 11 years.


Halloween '09

Yes, we all did it this year!  And, I have to admit it was very fun!  Joe and I were both basketball players.  He was a throw back and I was really just free marketing.

My little flower.  She wanted out of that thing all night!
Captain Rex, Obi-Won Kanobi and Baby Flower.

Me and my girl!

Carter's Halloween Parade '09

Rex waiting for the parade to begin. 
There's my little pumpkin!
Obi-Won Kanobi!  Watch out!

Carter with his class on Halloween.  Mrs. Rocha's first grade class.