Thanksgiving '09

Skits and Dance Parties

You know when you were a kid and you loved putting on plays, skits, or performances for anyone that would watch?  
Well, I do... and so it begins for my kids.

Can you say gangsta'?

Fam at Thanksgiving

Grammie Liz and Chloe.
Grammie Liz reading to the kids at Paige's house.
Chloe and Quinlan.


Memorial for G & G Larsen

Chloe (5 months), me, Paige, and my mom setting up the memorial for my Grandma and Grandpa Larsen at the house that they lived in for 11 years.


Halloween '09

Yes, we all did it this year!  And, I have to admit it was very fun!  Joe and I were both basketball players.  He was a throw back and I was really just free marketing.

My little flower.  She wanted out of that thing all night!
Captain Rex, Obi-Won Kanobi and Baby Flower.

Me and my girl!

Carter's Halloween Parade '09

Rex waiting for the parade to begin. 
There's my little pumpkin!
Obi-Won Kanobi!  Watch out!

Carter with his class on Halloween.  Mrs. Rocha's first grade class.


Carving pumpkins white trash style

Why is it necessary to carve pumpkins without a shirt on?

The finished products.  How cute are they?  Joe's hand was so tired!


So Kissable!

I just can't get enough of this little one!  I just want to squeeze her all day long!  Look at those cheeks and that button nose.  Don't you just want to pinch them?  Love her!

Birthday Suit

Even though it was Joe's birthday, Aidan thought he should be in his Birthday Suit.  Happy Birthday Daddy!


One rare moment

Today I took Carter and Aidan to see  Where The Wild Things Are (one of my favorite children's books) and it was just great!  And I had one really neat moment with Carter.  At the end of the movie when Max is leaving the Wild Things and returning home, I looked over at Carter and saw that he was crying.  After the movie was over he came over to me and gave me a big hug and was just sobbing.  I think he was a bit confused as to why he was crying.  I asked him why he was crying and he said that he was happy and sad that Max was able to get home and see his mom.  It just melted my heart and mad me cry as well.  I love that kid.  He holds such a special place in my heart.  Carter, thanks for giving me a wonderful moment today.  And a day to make me feel so proud to be your mom.

Happy Birthday JB

Happy Birthday to Joe, whose birthday was yesterday!  We think you are one awesome dad and one hot hubby!  Happy 32, we love you!


Cereal... Yum... or not!

Just the other day I tried baby cereal for Chloe for the first time.  She looks happy here before the food took place, but she soon turned sour faced because she was not sure if she was a fan or not.  Every time I put some in here mouth she would just shake all over.  So, we will try again soon.  But, really what can I say about this one.  She is always smiling!  She has a perma-smile on all the time!  She is just the best!  Love her!
Lovin' my bumbo seat!

Oh, so not yummy, but I'm still cute!

We like to help her

The boys love to help Chloe do just about everything.  One morning they were helping her practice sitting up.

Let me read you a story

Carter has really found a love for writing.  So, when one of his books he wrote at school came home he thought that Aidan and Chloe would love to hear it.  Here he is reading it to them one night before bed.  This was too cute!

I love getting my face painted!

Aidan loves getting his face painted!  Anytime there is a place to get it done he is all over it!
Aidan and Carter October '08 at Thanksgiving Point.
Aidan at the race in September '09.
Aidan at home with marker on his face September '09.


She found her thumb!!!

Baby girl found her thumb!  Can I tell you how much I love thumb suckers!  They are the best babies because they can sooth them selves.  Carter was a thumb sucker and one of the best babies!

Chole at 4 months:
weight: 13 lbs. 6 oz.
height: 24 in. long
50% for weight
75% for height
25% for head

I just adore this little girl.  She is delicious!  She is everything that is good.  I am so grateful for the joy that she has brought into this house.  She is trying to sit up and getting close to rolling over.  She sleeps through the night and is now sucking her thumb.  I love it!

Bye, Bye rat tail!

My kids always get some sort of rat tail or mullet when they are little babies!  So I finally decided a few weeks ago that it was time to say so long to the rat tail on Chloe.  It was getting really nasty looking.  So she had her first hair cut at 3 1/2 months.  
We will miss you little latino baby!

The first of many school projects

At Foothill Elementary they have this tradition to decorate soda bottle for the fall festival and do a cake walk type thing to get them.  So, the night before, Carter tells me that he wants to do one.  So, at around 9pm we start on some concept.  Well, being that they love Star Wars we decided to make a light saber.  I think it turned out pretty good if I do say so my self.  Carter thought it was pretty awesome!  This gave me a glimpse of thinks to come in many more years of school and school projects and 9pm work sessions where in all reality I end up doing it.

Are you sure I can't do just the 1K?

On September 19, we ran in our first race ever!  Joe did the 6K, I did the 3K and Carter did the 1K.  This race was called Racing Cane.  I really wanted to do the 1K, but you had to be under 12.  So, Joe and I trained to two weeks and went and did it.  Neither one of us were any good, but it was fun to do.  Carter loved doing the race and wants to do more.  I even won a medal for coming in 3rd place for my age group, but that isn't saying much because there were only four people in my age group! LOL!  So know we are signed up to do the Provo half in May, so we'll see how that goes.  I have to say that I am proud of my self for doing it though being that I had had a baby 3 months earlier and done no physical activity in a year!  Way to go us!
Joe helping Carter get ready for the race.
The guys before the race.  Joe, Dave Eves, John, and Dave Brotherson.
The girls before the race.  Julie, Courtney and I.
Carter just before the race.
Carter racing!


Amongst Giants... Literally

Yes, that is Carter and he is on the right team!  He is playing under 8!  He looks like he is going to get eaten alive!  But, he is actually doing alright.  He really likes it and has fun.  His team is called the Green Reptiles!  Scary huh?