Just an opinion from a tough critic

Yes, yes, yes, I went to the opening of Twilight with some friends!  And, yes, I am one of those loser women who was there!  The whole night was hilarious!  It started off with my friend Natalie almost getting in a fight with a 50 year old woman.  That started things off pretty funny!  Then Natalie's sister, Amy, asked this guy and girl that were there to together if they were dating.  (And we felt bad for any guy that had to be there, but anyways)  The guy said "yes", and Amy told the girl, "I hope you know that he is expecting some later"!  The couple just laughed, because it was so true!  Amy then sneaks in to the theater and saves us seats, which was great because we ended up with some great seats!  I want to take Amy everywhere with me from now on!  We finally get in after waiting outside, in the cold, for about an hour.  The movie starts... and it was sooooo BAD!  We laughed through most of it!  There were a few good parts and I liked Bella and Edward, but Jasper, really what can I say, he was so weird!  Every time he came on screen it made me laugh!  Anyways, although the movie was not that good, the night was so worth it!  So, no offense to all the Twilight crazies!  Go and enjoy your fantasy!

 still a devoted fan of the books.


The funny things he says...

Aidan is at one of my favorite ages right now, 2 1/2, because he is always saying the funniest things!  So, I thought it was time that I started writing them down.

No matter what I ask him, like it's time to eat, it's time to change your diaper, it's time to get dressed, or it's time to go to bed,  he always says, "Not yet, K?"

At night time we say our prayers and I try to help him by telling him things to say, and no matter what I tell him even if he has not said it, he will always say, "I already said that."  And he will say it in a whisper and then I will tell him no you haven't and then we'll start arguing in the middle of the prayer, it turns into a vicious circle, but it is so cute.

He went up to one of the guys Joe works with, Kent, and said, "I Kung Fu Panda and I punch you in the nuts!"  Kent was busting up!

If we laugh at something he says, he will tell us, "That not funny."

When he does something crazy, which is all the time, he says, "That is awesome!"

Primary prayer

Carter loves to participate in just about everything, especially at school and at church.  Last Sunday he had to give the prayer in primary.  I always get a bit nervous because I am never sure what will come out of his mouth.  Well, on a previous occasion he was called upon to say one of the ten commandments and his answer was, "to put your weapons away."  Everyone just started laughing, and is was funny!  So on this occasion you can see why I would be a little hesitant to have him speak in a group setting.  His prayer started off OK, but them he said he was thankful, for nursery, my mom and dads class, and for "seeing one of his buddies from soccer."  I think I will need to do a little prep the next time. 


proud to be an american!

Yesterday I voted!
I know it sounds silly, but it makes me very proud when I go and vote. I was watching the TV all night long and I found the whole thing to be very inspiring. No matter what you political beliefs are I thought it was cool to witness history. I also thought Barack Obama's speech was incredible, and I even got a little chocked up. Also, Prop 8 passed! Way to go to all who put so much time and effort into protecting marriage!



I know I have been a slacker when it comes to new postings!
So, scroll down, and down, and down and you will see the past month.
Man, there was alot!


There is this picture of President Hinckley in John's room and he is wearing a hat. It is a really great picture! Aidan kept pointing at the picture and saying "annajones", and my mom just was not sure what he was saying so she asked him to tell me what he was calling the picture, and he said, "annajones". I started laughing , and my mom was still not sure what he said. I told her that he thinks that picture is of Indiana Jones. We all just started laughing so hard. It's really cute because Aidan thinks anyone with a hat on is Indiana Jones. O.K., it may be a little sad to see how much pop culture there is in our house!

Candy or Crack?

Once we got back the kids went through their stash and traded and ate a bunch. Aidan was up tell 1 am bouncing off the walls and talking a mile a minute! All evening he would just walk up to anyone and hold up a piece of candy and say "open?". I thought his head was going to pop off his body and explode! He was just wired, and he was cracking my mom and I up! Look at him, he has the crazy eyes!


Before we went trick-or-treating we had some family and friends over for dinner. it was yummy! We then took the kids around our neighborhood. They had a great time!

The boys with their cousins

Halloween Parade at School

My kids had been looking forward to Halloween for the past few months. Carter was Indiana Jones and Aidan was Buzz Lightyear. In the morning we went to Carter's school and watched their parade, it was really cute. Later I went and helped in his class with their party and that was fun.
Here is Indiana Jones
Indiana in the Parade
Buzz Lightyear watching the Parade
Buzz leaving the Parade

pumpkin carving

Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love everything about it. I really love carving pumpkins! My kids only like it when there is a finished product, the rest of the time they were watching a movie. It helped to have my mom in town because she did one of them! I think that they turned out pretty good! My mom came in town last week to meet John's soon to be brides family! Did I mention that John is getting married on December 6th?! Anyways, it was fun to have her here for the week, and my boys just love her to death. We just run crazy and do so much, I am now using this week as a recovery!

I could not get Aidan to take a normal picture. He is making a weird face in all of them, what a dork!

witches night out!

Every year at Gardner Village they have this thing called Withes Night Out, where you dress up like a witch and shop around. Well, my mother-in-law, Karen, and sister-in-law Jenny came in town for it. We went to dinner and then to Witches. It was a lot of fun!
Here is my mother-in-law running through the parking garage like Batman. She is just a bit obsessed with Batman! She is so funny!
Me and my sister-in-law Julie. Isn't that guy freaky?!
All the girls.

Thanksgiving Point

Fun day at Thanksgiving Point.

Alex, Carter, Andrew, Aidan, and me waiting for the pony rides.
Carter, or should I say Batman, on a pony.
Robin, aka Aidan on a pony.

Joe's 31

Happy Birthday Honey!!!!
On Oct. 16 Joe turned 31! He celebrated by going to the Boston Red Sox game in Boston. Rough life he has! So we celebrated when he got home.

80 degrees at the pumpkin patch

We went to the pumpkin patch when we were at my parents house. I think it was the first time my boys have ever been to one. The one down fall was that it was over 80 degrees outside, so all we really wanted to do was pick a pumpkin and get the heck out of there! We picked a pumpkin and to it to my Grandpa (Papa Alfie). I don't think he really cared much about it though.

Trip to the Hatch House

In October we have a holiday weekend called UEA (Hunting season) and so I thought I would go to my parents with the boys for the break. It was really nice, but much hotter than I had prepared for. I had to go shop and buy the boys some shorts and short sleeve shirts because everywhere we went the boys were so hot. Any excuse to shop!
We had the cousins over for a sleepover which my boys love! Aidan and Georgia were the last ones to fall asleep. They were playing the piano at midnight. We finally had to put them to bed, while everyone else was sacked out on the couch.
Aidan loves wearing Papa's boots. It was so funny watching him try to walk in them. Here he is in basketball shorts, which he wears under all of his clothing, everyday!

New P.J.'s that light up!! Wow, the excitement!