"If you watch too much TV then it will make you stupid!"

Today I went to get Carter from across the street at a friends house (Sawyer's) that he had been playing with for a couple of hours.  When I got there I was talking to Sawyer's mom and she had said that Carter had said the funniest thing.  And right at that moment I started to panic and think of all the stuff he over hears at our house that I may not know he hears.  Carter has a very impressive memory and an even better auditory memory.  She told me that he and Sawyer were watching TV and Carter turned to Sawyer and said, "If you watch too much TV then it will make you stupid."  She was very sweet about it and said that it was so funny, and they even turned off the TV and played games.  I felt kind of embarrassed because any of you who know Carter knows what a TV junkie he is!  This kid would watch TV all day long if I let him.  (I wonder where he gets that??)  I had told Carter that once in a moment of frustration over the amount of TV he watches.  I never really thought he would repeat it to someone else especially in another person's home!  I know many of you may not agree with my techniques, but I will even go as far at to scare my child with stupidity to shut the TV off!!!!  It is amazing what things you tell them that really sinks in.


"He Keeps Looking At Me With His One Eye"

Well, we finally did it!  We got the boys a pet, that is if you consider two goldfish a pet?  And actually we didn't get them for the boys, we were given them to us at a Birthday Party last night.  It was our friend Dave's 30 and it was a Hawaiian theme and they gave out fish as the party favors.  At least it came with the bowl and food!  I know many of you think that I am not a fan of the animal kind because of my BIRD history, but I do love animals!  But, I have to admit that fish kind of fall under the same category as birds to me.  I know that it is going to be me that cleans out their bowl once a week and me that feeds them and me that has to console the boys once they pass on to fish heaven.  I do have to say that the boys are enjoying them, although I do recognize that is has only been a few hours since their arrival.   Aidan is into them more than Carter, but they do like them and Aidan just sits at the counter and stares at them and talks to them.  He keeps saying to me, "He keeps looking at me with his one eye", which I think is pretty funny!  They have named them, Carter's is Indy (after Indiana Jones, who he is into right now), and Aidan's is the all original, Nemo!

Indy is the big one with black spots and Nemo is the little one.
Here is Indy looking at Aidan with his one eye.

Watch out David Beckham!!

 Carter just started soccer for the first time and he is slowly getting what soccer is.  I would even say that these pictures are being generous about showing Carter's actual involvement in the game.  In his first game he just ran around the field in the vicinity of the ball, but didn't really touch it much.  The second week he played the first half and then ate oranges (that he got for their snack) the entire second half and never went back in.  The third game he only played the first half and then was done and sat on Joe's lap for the second half.  The forth game is what I like to call the "turn around game" because he actually played the whole game and actually was dribbling and going after the ball and even had about 10-15 shots on goal, although somehow none seemed to go in???  It started to get funny because he kept getting to the goal and could never get it into the big net!!  It was a good effort none the less.  It is definitely entertaining if nothing else!  

Carter and William, and yes, I swear, that kid is 5!
Carter with his team, "The Sharks".
Go Number 2!!!
One slight touch of the ball, Yea!!
On the sidelines where he prefers to be!!:)