Easter Cuteness!

Seriously do you get any cuter then these three? Love them!

Easter Morning

This was Chloe's first Easter. First Easter basket, and first baby doll. She just wanted to eat the plastic eggs.


kiss me, i'm cute and maybe a little Irish

O.K. Seriously! Do you get any cuter? I don't think so!
As much as you want to pinch her, you can't, because she is wearing green!
I just love this little red headed beauty more than I can express.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Chloe Mae.

YEP! I'm 4!

On March 2nd Aidan turned 4! It is crazy to think that it is true! He is such a fun kid, with a wicked sense of humor! He makes me laugh everyday! I love him!
His ice cream cake with two mice on what looks like a block of cheese. He picked it!
Blowing out the candles. Chloe is impressed!
All Aidan wanted for his birthday was every Lego ever made, so he had to settle for four. Dad and Aidan building his Legos.

the love of a girl and her banana

This little one loves her banana! She will eat a whole banana every morning. She chows down on the whole thing. She gets so excited when she sees me peeling one. It just makes me laugh.


These two just love each other! Aidan is so cute with her and Chloe just lights up whenever she sees him. I love watching Aidan with her when he doesn't know that I'm watching because he is so good to her. Friends for life! What's better?

here comes the airplane...

Aidan loves to help out, especially when it comes to Chloe. Here he is feeding her breakfast. He is such a great big brother. And she loves her Aiders! What a lucky girl!