Belt Promotion

Carter's big day at Karate, moving up a belt!!!!!
Carter after he got his Yellow Stripe Belt.

Today Carter was able to go to Belt Promotion at Karate. He has been taking Karate since March and is really loving it. He asks everyday if he has Karate. His class is called the Little Ninjas, and they are all so cute. At Belt Promotion he had to demonstrate all that he has learned and then at the end they get to do their own performance kicks and receive their new belts. Carter now has a yellow stripe. He was so proud of himself and most excited to be able to wear a new color belt. He said that he wants to sleep with it tonight.

He is so intense in class and takes it very seriously. Big surprise!!! He is probably the loudest in class, and although his competitiveness embarrasses me a bit, his instructor said that he loves Carter's energy. I think he was just trying to be nice, but I'll take! I'm not always sure if Carter really understands that it is a sport, because I think he thinks he is some sort of super hero and says that he likes to "battle people".

I am so proud and excited for Carter for getting to this point and I love going to his practices because it is always a good laugh!

Receiving his new cool belt.
With his class "Little Ninjas".
With his class.

Doing some of the moves he has learned.


Williamson Fam said...

Ok that is so cute, i can totally picture him running around the house in his spider man costume doing ninja moves, i bet you feel safe with him in the house...Who needs a quard dog or an alarm system when you have ninja carter around?