Carter and Riley have been friends forever, I think they were friends even before they were born. They are 2 weeks apart and really love each other. The Romerils were our next door neighbors when we lived in Draper and we still love seeing them any chance we get. Carter and Riley could spend every waking hour together. Here are some pictures of them through the years.
Best Buds!

Riley and Carter (9 mo. old?)
Carter and Riley December '06
Carter and Riley Easter '07
Cop and Batman Halloween '07
Carter and Riley Thanksgiving '07


Angela Romeril said...

I am so emotional after my night at girl's camp! Those pictures made me cry! Riley thouight it was Cameron. "Who is that with Cameron, it looks like Carter!" I saud that is you!" He got a great big grin!
Miss you guys! Have fun on vacation!!