Father's Day at the Romeril's

On Father's Day we went to the Romeril's for dinner and had a great time. They are like family and we miss living next door to them so so so much!!
Carter and Riley June '08
Carter and Riley June '08
3 Pirates, isn't Carter's head piece hot?

Orem Summerfest

Saturday we went to the Orem Summerfest. It was full of carnies and white trash, but the boys had fun; Joe and I... not so much!
We watched the parade for a little bit because we wanted to the Flash Fox. The boys love the Flash Fox!

Daddy, Aidan and Carter on the big slide
Aidan and Carter & some random kids on the boats
Aidan loved splashing people on the boats
Aidan wearing daddy's glasses
Carter being silly


Carter and Riley have been friends forever, I think they were friends even before they were born. They are 2 weeks apart and really love each other. The Romerils were our next door neighbors when we lived in Draper and we still love seeing them any chance we get. Carter and Riley could spend every waking hour together. Here are some pictures of them through the years.
Best Buds!

Riley and Carter (9 mo. old?)
Carter and Riley December '06
Carter and Riley Easter '07
Cop and Batman Halloween '07
Carter and Riley Thanksgiving '07




This past week (the 9th) marks the one year anniversary of us being in our house. I can't really believe that it has been a whole year already. We are finally getting all the little thing finished around the house; but there are alway more things that I want to do, and I don't think that will ever end. Now with our backyard in, it feels like a finished home. I love our home and am happy we are here in Orem. I can't wait to have parties in the backyard!!
We feel so blessed to have all that we have and we truly know where it all comes from.


My poor baby!

Last week Aidan had injured his head once everyday to total up five different bumps. It all started on Saturday when he was scratched on his cheek by his cousin, then Sunday he fell off a step and hit his head. Monday, he fell in the shower and hit his ear on the bench in the shower. Tuesday, he and Carter were messing around on the couch in the living room and he fell of the couch and hit his forehead on the coffee table. Wednesday was the end to the massacre, when a game fell out of the box in the closet and fell right on his head.

I'm not sure if there is any permanent damage, but he seems to be fine now. He just looked soooo beat up. I swear he is loved and cared for, it was just a rough week!!


Last Day of Preschool!!

So sad; Friday the 6th was Carter's last day of preschool and I think that I was more sad than he was. This now means that he is home everyday for the next 3 months!!! What am I going to do?! Carter really loves school and did so well. He is now reading and writing. I loved Challenger! Their program was awesome for Carter and I loved his too teachers.

All Carter is focused on now is that it is summer and he knows that his birthday is in the summer, so he thinks that his birthday should be today, even though his birthday is still 2 months away.

He now can't wait for kindergarten!

Carter on his 1st day of school in August '07.


More pictures of Carter at Karate

Here are some more pictures at Belt Promotion.

Carter doing Chicken Kicks.

After his own performance kicks.
Doing self-defense.

Carter and Aidan, my two Ninjas!

Belt Promotion

Carter's big day at Karate, moving up a belt!!!!!
Carter after he got his Yellow Stripe Belt.

Today Carter was able to go to Belt Promotion at Karate. He has been taking Karate since March and is really loving it. He asks everyday if he has Karate. His class is called the Little Ninjas, and they are all so cute. At Belt Promotion he had to demonstrate all that he has learned and then at the end they get to do their own performance kicks and receive their new belts. Carter now has a yellow stripe. He was so proud of himself and most excited to be able to wear a new color belt. He said that he wants to sleep with it tonight.

He is so intense in class and takes it very seriously. Big surprise!!! He is probably the loudest in class, and although his competitiveness embarrasses me a bit, his instructor said that he loves Carter's energy. I think he was just trying to be nice, but I'll take! I'm not always sure if Carter really understands that it is a sport, because I think he thinks he is some sort of super hero and says that he likes to "battle people".

I am so proud and excited for Carter for getting to this point and I love going to his practices because it is always a good laugh!

Receiving his new cool belt.
With his class "Little Ninjas".
With his class.

Doing some of the moves he has learned.